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7 killers to your elevator pitch success

7 things that kill your elevator pitches (and knowing these things could change your marketing success too!) Why? Because people often seem to forget that EVERYTHING is your brand, everything. The way you speak, your outfit, your hair, your mannerisms, your...

How to sell outside of your comfort zone

Being in business allows you to push the boundaries of what you think can be achieved. But can you honestly say you sell outside of your comfort zone? What could happen if you did? Think it through….if your current marketing strategy allows you to create your...

Launch of The Business Mans Network!

We are so excited to announce the Launch of The Business Mans Network. It matters to us greatly that we are there to support your sales, confidence and success. And for years Founder Mandie Holgate had been asked to set an event aimed at men in business. So its...

Professional Power – Are you risking yours?

I’ve thought often about writing this article, and always shied away from being a bit controversial. (If you read my articles before either here or on you will know I tend to be about empowering, sharing top tips to make life, business, success...
How to deal with perceived threat

How to deal with perceived threat

I shared this video of a bird attacking itself in the mirror and spoke about how he was perceiving non existent threat, and it made me think how many business owners do this too. Here are 4 quick top tips to help you deal with the threats that aren’t even there...
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