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In the Knowledge blog we won’t just share content, we will get you thinking, sharing, possibly even disagreeing, however in my experience creating a strong relationship between women in business can be a powerful way to grow your business. And knowing this is a confidential environment where me and the BWN Coordinators will not be sharing your private posts, gives you the realisation that you really can get the answers you need to grow your business and ask any question you want without fear of ridicule or insult.

So today I ask, should you swear?

The reason I ask is I was working with a business owner who became aware through my coaching process that when they were flowing, when they knew the answers and felt confident about a subject they swore like a trooper (as my Nan used to say.) And yet when I challenged them, when they felt like they didn’t know the answers (don’t worry we found them and fast!) they became aware that they stopped swearing. 

This really got this business owner thinking because she realised that her marketing tended to have a few “f**king awesome’s” in there when she was talking about the results she could get for her clients and the massive impact she could help them achieve. And yet when we talked about her own growth and business goals, there was a lack of swearing as the ideas dried up. (You know that can’t see the wood for the tree’s syndrome?) This business owner became really aware that swearing was part of her passion, it was part and parcel of why people loved working with her, because her passion was clear to see. And when you are transparent, people get that gut instinct that says “I can trust you” and then you find yourself with new customers. So are you being your true self is my second question for you. And by asking maybe in our Insiders confidential group, maybe getting some confidential feedback, you can learn if that is the case.

An idea for you – action!

You could ask the group to check out your online marketing and ask you if they feel it matches up to your style of communication, products and services and request confidential feedback. (Remember this is a confidential group so its all about business, personal and professional development.) Make sure you share the relevant links too.

Here is the group link too.

And back to my first question is it okay to swear? Can your marketing include swearing or do you find it a turn off? This could be some great market research for you. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the Facebook group. Let’s get this party started!

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