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Third Friday of Every Month*

(Not including school holidays)*

Wivenhoe House

Wivenhoe Park

Park Road,




The BWN Event Dates

20th Jan, 24th Feb, 17th March, 21st April, 19th May, 16th June, WED 19th July, 15th Sept, 20th Oct, 17th Nov and WED 13th Dec

(3rd Friday of each month – Big events Birthday event March, Summer event July, Christmas event November.)

You can pay as you go or pay once for the year and get a better than early bird ticket with the Golden Ticket Contact your local coordinator to get yours

Exhibit at any of our events for just £35.  

Would you like to sponsor this event? £100 includes a 10 minutes speaking slot, exhibitors stand, 1 ticket and business literature on every place setting and online marketing prior and after the event across our social media and digital marketing too.

Golden ticket discount applies – £13.50 to exhibit and £75 to sponsor an event.


17th March – Big Birthday Event – What could kill your business? Is your Business Safe?

It’s our 8th Birthday event! Exhibit at this event, offer pampering, showcase your business, bring your products, offer mini sessions, enjoy the networking, benefit from the UK speaker Annabel Kaye, LOVE the results!

Annabel Kaye brings a funny and scary masterclass that could revolutionise your business annabel kaye

Annabel from KoffeeKatch shares shocking & scary stories of businesses that didn’t get it right; Trouble with the tax man, Paying for things you find out you don’t own, Getting a case like the Uber drivers. How safely are you trading? Do you know what a REAL agreement can do to help you grow? 

Do you believe you don’t have a contract if there is nothing in writing, that you don’t have to               provide anything in writing to clients, A freelance team invoice you so they are all self-employed, Freelance workers have no legal rights. No boring stuff. Learn how to make your business potentially saleable and scalable from an early stage. Time for personalised answers and even claim a free review of your own terms of business or the contracts you use to pay freelancers.

You work hard for your business, learn how to protect it!

Sponsored by you??

£75 with Golden Ticket – £100 full price



21st April – How to make LinkedIn Lucrative!fight the fear Mandie Holgate speaking

Sponsored by?

In this interactive masterclass learn how to use LinkedIn to help increase sales and grow your businesses. Learn why you quit to soon, when you are selling at people, what you could do to make your life easier and gain new leads and sales even when you are busy! (All with low cost / no cost ideas that really work!) Keith Grinsted is also an Affiliate and is proving very popular with his webinars and advice too! Are you in yet?




19th May – Power up productivity to power up profitabilityfight the fear Mandie Holgate speaking

Sponsored by?

In this interactive masterclass learn the drains on your productivity, how to increase your profitability through your productivity and tools and techniques to make it easy!(All with low cost / no cost ideas that really work!) Keith Grinsted is also an Affiliate and is proving very popular with his webinars and advice too! Are you in yet?




19th July – 5 sure fire steps to getting your audience to Wow!

     Colin mclean speaking skills EssexSponsored by?

 Big Shopping, Networking & International Speaking Expert Event!

Colin McLean is an international expert on powerful communication skills and how to create the wow factor for your audiences. Supporting TV presenters, business leaders and now us in this interactive session learn how to;

Amplify your speaking skills.The sure fire ways to lose your audience.The power techniques to getting the results you want in every presentation.1st x 20 to book get a guaranteed promo slot. Bring your business cards for the Promo table. Learn about local and national events. To get more from Colin join The Insiders – Are you in yet?




Find yourself free to attend at the last minute?

It’s fine to just turn up on the day. Bring 2 guests to an event and attend that event for FREE!

Up coming events are shown on the right of this page or you can refer to the calendar.
Would you like to learn more about why our network works for business, confidence, motivation and success? Read more about the structure of events and what to expect here.

Please note when booking our events that by purchasing a ticket and walking through our doors you are aware that we do take photos and short videos to enable us to further promote you and raise your brand awareness. If you wish to not be included could you advise us prior to the event and we will ensure you are not filmed or photographed.

Colchester The BWN Coordinator – Mandie Holgate

Founder of The Business Womans Network Mandie Holgate still hosts our North Essex events as well as being a Business Coach to busy Business Owners and hosting privately funded training programmes for businesses in areas of Confidence, Achieving your gaols, Creativity, Marketing & Sales, Business Growth, Public Speaking, Focus, Accountability, Leadership, Networking, Reputation, Business Communication,Time Management, Motivation & Fear of the Phone.

Mandie is also a powerful professional speaker who really gets her audiences thinking and changing their actions having spoken for national conferences and is often in the media speaking about business success as well as areas such as work life balance and serious illness and successful business.

Mandie is also Colchester Business Enterprise Agencies Business Coach.

To learn more about our Founder say “Hi” on her social media all accessible via her website

Mandie’s second book can be ordered now on Amazon and you can join Mandie on The Insiders where you can ask any question to help increase your success. To learn more about our Founder say “Hi” on her social media all accessible via her website Mandie also has courses aimed at busy business owners from just £14 (everything she does it aimed at helping you make sacks of cash, not spend it!) And you can get a discount on these too as an Insider.

Mandie likes to guarantee everyone to the BWN a warm welcome so look out for this face

Our Official Photographer for Colchester – Jayne Lloyd

Jayne is a professional photographer working with businesses to create images that demonstrate their services and products visually so their marketing sets them apart from their competitors.

instagram-small  twitter  facebook

Twitter: @jaynelloyd
Instagram: @jayne_lloyd
Facebook: Jayne Lloyd Photography
Phone: 07751 233292

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