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The BWN Success Manual: Getting the most out of your networking

Networking can be a powerful way to grow your business, helping you increase, sales, Networking success manual learn gain grow for business womenconfidence and success. Yet when you’ve a million and one jobs to do how can you ensure you accomplish everything you set out to achieve?

Make The BWN Success Manual your networking partner to get maximum benefit from every event! Effective follow-up, learn more, take action, stay focused and accountable, get organised and keep it all in one handy book! “A must for every busy business woman!” Networking can be a powerful way to grow your business. When you get it right, networking can help you; Increase sales. Increase confidence. Overcome self-doubt. Override that negative internal voice. Keep you motivated. Keep you focused. Help you learn new skills. Keep up to date with the latest technology, ideas and legislation. Meet like-minded business owners to bounce ideas off of each other. Showcase your products and services to new audiences Develop new products and services. Road test ideas. Develop a strong brand. Create new revenue streams. And so much more…. However, it takes up precious hours in your day, therefore, you need to ensure you get maximum benefit from networking. This book is here to help you do that.

On every page you will find handy hints to help you succeed in business and networking. And there is also planners, suggestions and ideas to help you track and monitor your networking and ensure you take the right actions after every networking event.

Your Daily Dose Of Business Woman’s Confidence & Success: Easy To Action Top Tips to Power Up Your Confidence & Success for the Busy Business Woman

Being a Happy, Successful, Confident businesswoman is top of the wish list, but when you have Daily dose of business womans confidence sales and successa million and one jobs to do, how do you find time to develop yourself to get the results in your life you truly want?

In less time than it takes to brush your teeth, let this powerful book boost your subconscious brain to work on your success all day, every day. With powerful ideas, raise awareness of what’s impacting on your success, confidence and Happiness, and get the results you want.

“Mandie has the ability to quickly ascertain and take on board the business problems, creating immediate strategies to help overcome matters that prove problematic”. Liz Leatherdale, Colchester Classics

“Mandie is an exceptionally bright shining star when it comes to motivation and inspiration. Mandie gave me the courage, strength and belief in myself to leave my secure 9-5 role and start up” Secret Surgery Ltd. Mandie helped me realise that anything is achievable if it is logically broken down into small manageable steps.” Angela Chouib, Secret Surgery

“Mandie brings artistry, individuality, flair and the human element into her training, so that you walk away not only with heaps of actionable information but also feeling like you Can do it, and that you Want to do it!” Alison Bird, Hypnotherapist

“If you want a kick butt coach in your handbag inspiring you to take action, believe in yourself and get real results, then you need this book!” Clare Pool

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