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We know there are a virtual mountain of business development books out there, so we want to make it a little easier for you to find good books. And we think these are fabulous.

These are our favourite books from our favourite master class speakers and BWN members. At The BWN we attract some of the UK’s top speakers on business and success and like our members we like to ensure we promote everyone long after the event!

If you would like a copy of Mandie’s first book then you can get it here –

Mandie Book 1

Other publications we love

The Invisible PowerPoint Show and the Art of Communicating to Win (Paperback)
Excel Fundamentals (CD-ROM)
What is Fabulous (Paperback)
ACT! 2012 Expert Training CD (CD-ROM)
ACT Fundamentals 2012 Training CD (CD-ROM)
The A to Z of Being Understood: Make Your Voice Heard and Your Conversations Count (Paperback)
Behind with the Marking and Plagued by Nits: Life coaching strategies for busy teachers (Paperback)
From Dream To Reality: 7 Steps to Setting Up A Small Business (Paperback)
BOOM! (Paperback)
Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll: Leadership lessons from the Academy of Rock (Paperback)
The Art of Concentration: Enhance focus, reduce stress and achieve more (Paperback)
Behind with the Laundry and Living Off Chocolate: Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women (Paperback)
Drop the Pink Elephant: 15 Ways to Say What You Mean… and Mean What You Say (Mass Market Paperback)
Behind with the Mortgage and Living Off Plastic: Charge Up Your Life, Not Your Credit Card (Paperback)

If you feel we are missing someone, please do get in touch, you could see them at an event near you! Click on a title to get more information and when you find what’s right for you and your business you can add it to your shopping cart and buy it.

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