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Second Tuesday of Every Month

(not including school holidays)

The Harvard Inn

High Street





Event Dates

 9th January, 20th February (due to half term), 13th March, 17th April, 8th May, 12th June, 10th July, no meeting in August, 11th September, 9th October, 13th November, 11th December

You can pay as you go or pay once for the year and get a better than early bird ticket with the Golden Ticket Contact your local coordinator to get yours.

Exhibit at any of our events for just £35.  Would you like to sponsor this event? £100 includes a 10 minutes speaking slot, exhibitors stand, 1 ticket and business literature on every place setting and online marketing with us.

Golden ticket discount applies – £11.50 to exhibit and £75 to sponsor an event.


9th January – 5 sure-fire steps to getting your audience to WOW with Colin McLean

Colin McLean

Colin McLean is an international expert on powerful communication skills and how to create the wow factor for your audiences. Supporting TV presenters, business leaders and now us in this interactive session learn how to;

Amplify your speaking skills.
The sure fire ways to lose your audience.
The power techniques to getting the results you want in every presentation.

Why Colin is our expert

Colin has been wowing BWN audiences for 8 years. Supporting the success of TV presenters, business leaders and even providing voice overs for films, if Colin doesn’t know it when it comes to powerful communication skills you probably don’t need to know it!

Meet Colin here;

20th February – Freedom from anxiety and depression with Samantha Selby

Samantha Selby

Samantha draws on over 20 years’ experience working within the field of Complementary Medicine combining her extensive knowledge of the body with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the mind. Her passion for empowering women has led her to specialise in supporting those that suffer the debilitating effects of anxiety.

She believes that supporting yourself physically, whilst gently nurturing and healing the mind is the key to overcoming hormonal issues, trauma and anxiety. 

Samantha combines the transformative effects of energy techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the revolutionary new Energy Alignment Method (EAM) with a down to earth approach to healing and balancing the physical body using herbs and supplements, stress management techniques, Reflexology, diet and nutrition advice. 

Find out more about Samantha here.

Find yourself free to attend at the last minute?

It’s fine to just turn up on the day. Bring 2 guests to an event and attend that event for FREE!

Up coming events are shown on the right of this page or you can refer to the calendar.
Would you like to learn more about why our network works for business, confidence, motivation and success? Read more about the structure of events and what to expect here.

Please note when booking our events that by purchasing a ticket and walking through our doors you are aware that we do take photos and short videos to enable us to further promote you and raise your brand awareness. If you wish to not be included could you advise us prior to the event and we will ensure you are not filmed or photographed.

Billericay Coordinator – Jenny Sjollema

Jenny Sjollema is owner of PA Angels. As co-ordinator of the South Essex Business Womans Network Jenny is as passionate about your business as you are!

Jenny likes to guarantee everyone to the BWN a warm welcome so look out for her face

Our Official Photographer for Billericay – Anne Thomas 

Anne is a professional photographer working with businesses to create images that demonstrate their services and products visually so their marketing sets them apart from their competitors.

instagram-small  twitter  facebook

Twitter: @AnneThomasPhoto
Instagram: @annethomasphotography
Facebook: Anne Thomas Photography
Phone: 07545 218295

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