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Event Dates

 14th March, 18th April, 9th May, 13th June, 11th July, 12th Sept, 10th Oct, 14th Nov and 12th Dec

You can pay as you go or pay once for the year and get a better than early bird ticket with the Golden Ticket Contact your local coordinator to get yours.

Exhibit at any of our events for just £35.  Would you like to sponsor this event? £100 includes a 10 minutes speaking slot, exhibitors stand, 1 ticket and business literature on every place setting and online marketing with us.

Golden ticket discount applies – £11.50 to exhibit and £75 to sponsor an event.


12th September – Blogging for your business with Daniel Cook from Dynamic Consultants

Daniel Cook

Owning a website is not enough, you need to use engaging content like blogging. It can be as simple as collecting a list of other blog sites so you have a huge resource list and using them for inspiration to create your own ideas for your business to write about.

First you have a spreadsheet called Blog research that is full of blog sources that you have been collected and are always being added to. The sources are websites that have blogs that you can get ideas from.

You collect ideas from and keep notes on what you can write about and sources that will help you write it up and you write a basic brief.

Then you make from the idea a brief in a word document that includes the subject, description and references so that the writer has direction and can write it to how you want.

Keep everything organised by having a table to schedule. When it has been sent for writing, when the copy has been signed off and when it is published.

Find out more about Daniel Cook here.

10th October – How to turn conversations into customers with Mandie Holgate

Mandie Colgate

Do you walk away from conversations thinking “Why didn’t I say that!”?
Do you find you lose your true voice when talking business?
Do you wish the ground would swallow you up when asked “what do you do?” or “speak for 60 seconds about your business”?
Do you struggle to find the right words to turn a conversation into a customer?

Join us to hear International Author, Coach and Founder of The Business Womans Network, Mandie Holgate speak about how to make conversations more powerful.

Compelling – learn the words that your business needs
Competition – learn how to never fear the competition again and stand out from the rest
Capable – learn the skills you PERSONALLY need to speak powerfully to any audience

Mandie used to be petrified of public speaking and dreaded it, now she is asked to speak for business exhibitions and national organisations (and loves it!) In this interactive session Mandie wants to hear what your communication nightmares are and will share personalised solutions to help you overcome them. Based on her International book that is a top choice for holidays reads book “Fight the Fear – how to beat your negative mindset and win in life) Mandie knows what impacts on success and what tools and techniques to use to overcome those obstacles, powerfully, effectively and fast.

Why Mandie is our expert (is attached speaker bio)
Can’t wait that long – get Mandies book here – there are 4 chapters that look at communication in this book!

14th November – Mark Pettit

Mark Pettit

In this interactive session High Performance Business Coach Mark Pettit will share his best strategies, systems and tools to help you dream bigger, do more great work and increase your profits whilst working less.
Successful business man and Coach, Mark Pettit has led and grown £multi-million businesses with his strategic approach to maximising your time to focus only on the biggest revenue generating activities in your business.
Learn the mindset, business and productivity strategies, skills and habits to get rid of overwhelm and procrastination to rocket your success. Mark has helped to deliver £million turnover increases for his clients and now works with female entrepreneurs to help them achieve their biggest dreams whilst building a business and life they love.
Find out how you can transform your business and take it to the next level whilst working less and creating a business and life on your own terms.
Find out more about Mark here.

Find yourself free to attend at the last minute?

It’s fine to just turn up on the day. Bring 2 guests to an event and attend that event for FREE!

Up coming events are shown on the right of this page or you can refer to the calendar.
Would you like to learn more about why our network works for business, confidence, motivation and success? Read more about the structure of events and what to expect here.

Please note when booking our events that by purchasing a ticket and walking through our doors you are aware that we do take photos and short videos to enable us to further promote you and raise your brand awareness. If you wish to not be included could you advise us prior to the event and we will ensure you are not filmed or photographed.

Billericay Coordinator – Jenny Sjollema

Jenny Sjollema is owner of PA Angels. As co-ordinator of the South Essex Business Womans Network Jenny is as passionate about your business as you are!

Jenny likes to guarantee everyone to the BWN a warm welcome so look out for her face

Our Official Photographer for Billericay – Anne Thomas 

Anne is a professional photographer working with businesses to create images that demonstrate their services and products visually so their marketing sets them apart from their competitors.

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Twitter: @AnneThomasPhoto
Instagram: @annethomasphotography
Facebook: Anne Thomas Photography
Phone: 07545 218295

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